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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Ian Richards goes over the 50knot Barrier at West Kirby

With a long time off the water a call was made that a storm was building over Iceland and sending strong winds to the UK. As the weekend drew closer the forecast was still there, a summer of promises a week away never appearing and this was good news. Many windsurfers hit the water at my local spot, the winds built over the day and the kites cleared off leaving lots of space for the bravest.....and by that point, fittest!

Monday was the day for West Kirby, again a workday for me and not in the holidays. Lots of the UK speeders arrived for the promise of good winds in the (near) perfect direction. Here are a few words from some of the best in the country, and I am sure they have proven now that they are also some of the best in the World!

Ian Richards wrote this with his post on GPS Speedsurfing.
Ian Richards firing out of the West Kirby Slingshot
Photo credit to Tony Burgess
Kirby was buzzing today, conditions looked excellent at times but you really had to pick your moment for that fast run, it needed more wind for a record 5 x average day but at least myself and Andy Holland smashed the same gust and both scored a massive PB. Problem was we could'nt do it again or get anywhere near it ,but I'm not complaining.
Had a 50.29 knot 1sec on the screen, never thought I would see that on British Waters.
47.27 Fastest ever 10 sec at West Kirby
46.92 Fastest ever 250 m at West Kirby
What is remarkable is Ian has proven that it certainly is not about the latest kit, he did this on an NP sail with a Fanatic Falcon both from 2006. Old speed boards like this go for relatively little money on Ebay, so anyone who windsurfs a lot can fit one in their quiver and have a go on the speed scene.

Jim Crossley also scored a great session, putting himself in the top 10 for the year along with Ian. Jim is really showing consistency in every speed session now, each time West Kirby, The Ray or even Portland Harbour fires up he is always posting scores at the top end of the scale.

Will Trossell beat me to first place novice at Weymouth Speed Week a couple of years ago with a knot lead, I was gutted about it but his post from West Kirby shows he is by far a better sailor than I. With a 2sec peak of 47.3 knots he has placed himself up with the top sailors who have ever visited the legendary boating lake. He had this to say;
Started off at 8.30am with the JP and a gusty, super broad wind making it hard to get above 43kt peaks. I was using all my kit for the first time today and it kept getting faster. I hooked one big gust that gave me the peak speed and it felt like there was more there for sure. Evo 5 was rock solid as was the fin. I feel ready! If I have one complaint on the day its Ian - I thought I have finally beaten the bugger but no - one hour later after I saw him jumping up and down with a PB. Maybe another time :-) congrats though Ian. Great to see everyone enjoying themselves with quite a lot of PBs I think - an awesome day!
Good luck in Luderitz Will.

When the rest of the scores are analysed it could be assumed that the three guys mentioned above caught a good gust for their peaks as all the peaks below are a lot more consistent with the 10 second runs which really shows the high standard of sailing they achieved. Jim and Neil Hardwick scored a couple of amazing 500m runs, which I believe are difficult due to the length of the run and the size of the chop at the end of it (hopefully I will find out soon).

Jon Kennett deserves a special mention, while not at the top of the scores for the day he proved himself well for his first venture out with a GPS at West Kirby. Jon has made many boards specially for the spot with his growing brand Moo Custom. Jon said;
My 1st posting and speed session at West Kirby. Learn a lot over the two days and can now retire as I hit 40 knot peak on the 2nd day. Very happy with this result and may have another go as i have got the bug!
Finally I would like to mention a little about Matthew York, a very dedicated speed sailor whom has invested a lot of time and money to chase his personal bests. He smashed them on his new Point 7 AC1 sails with an average of 41.45 and 2 sec peak of 43.78, well done Matt you deserve it.

Well done to all who sailed there, sorry if I have not mentioned your name this time round. This article is for Ian and his amazing 50knot achievement on British waters which has only been shown by two others in the past. I do hope Pete Young can get up there again soon to get the big 50. All results can be seen here on the GPS Speedsurfing site.

Good speeds and winds
The Bus2

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Luderitz; Faster and more Furious.

Just a quick update today, here are the results. Congratulations to all, from the new 50knot club to everyone who sailed there today, there are more than are posted here as some are just doing it for fun.

Antoine Albeau: 51.69 knots World Other 
Bringdal: 51.34 knots SWE record and production board? 
Patrick Diethelm: 50.49 knots SUI / ITA record 
Jurjen van der Noord: 50.41 knots NL record 
Cedric Bordes: 50.17 knots 
Nick Vardalachos: 48.84 knots (result today NNB) 
Mark Grinnel: 48.67 knots SA record 
Farrell O Shea: 48.82 knots record GBR 
Matthias Rottcher: 47.34 knots NAM record 
Martin van Meurs: 47 knots (result today NNB) 
Christian Bornemann: 46.18 knots GER record 
Zara Davis: 45.83 knots World record women 
Lena Erdil: 45.74 knots 
Christian Benzing: 45.57 knots (result today NNB) 

Jurjen Van De Noord - Dutch World Speed Champion
Photo courtesy of Eric Bellande
All eyes were on the Dutch today,  Jurjen who posted a Dutch record on Tuesday without wearing any weight had a very fast first run setting the standards high for the day. Martin van Meurs, whom many of us credit as one of the founding fathers of the current speed surfing scene, arrived late in the week and today would be his first true speed day on the course after an amazing warm up session in relatively light winds yesteday. He had this to say about yesterdays session.
"A fantastic first sailing day for me. I decided l would trim for the big winds to come and stuck to it. I want to finetune my set if “it” happens. The canal feels like it tailormade for me, but I guess most riders will feel that way. It’s so nice to sail here and I am happy I took the last minute decision. I was stoked seeing 47 knots 500 on the dial in my first run. After that the wind got too little for my 40 wide but I kept sailing it and learned a lot. I feel convincd time will tell. It was great to hear about Jurjens Dutch record. He was the first on the water, was sharp and walked away with the day price. Congratualtions to you, it was a well deserved victory!"

He documented his journey to Luderitz, saying that there was a 'Zen like feeling' about the place, with a great atmosphere and all the competitors being relaxed and really open to sharing advice and stories. This is a real credit to windsurfing in general, the fact that everyone would like to become the Speed record holder yet willing to help others achieve it as well. Unfortunately his session today did not fair as well.
"The Zen feeling is definitely gone. I had a nightmare day which I partially created myself as I didn’t want to give up and kept going. I made a stupid crash after the finish on my first run. I basically forgot to stop. My 5.5 was torn and I had to take the 5.1 which was way too small to waterstart in a normal way. I couldn’t get the corner right and I came to a halt twice on the leeward bank, once doing nearly 44 knots. I think I broke the land sliding record by a human person which is not the record I was hoping for…… Pictures showed me just how tense I was from the crash and I completely forgot about my style. I pushed the nose down with my body nearly tilting over to the nose of the board and in two gusts I was simply pulled over the handlebars. Crouching into the boom does feels safer when you are scared, but it’s for sure not the way to move forward if you want to go for speed. I hope the fear factor won’t be hitting in tomorrow, but for now I am definitely not feeling too well. Hopefully I end up in the middle between the feeling I had when staring and the feeling I’ve got now. Congratulations to Antoine and Zara, who had her share again as well and in particular to Jurjen van der Noord who was keeping up with the big boys in great style."
The records are falling again, and I am sure when Martin wakes up tomorrow he will start over with a more relaxed feeling, after all he did show us all 50knots was possible a few years ago at The Ray, Southend, England.

Zara Davis has shown her strength, after having stitches in her forehead after her crash on Tuesday she has taken the Womens Speed record even closer to the outright GB record which Farrel O'Shea increased today. Zara has to watch out for Lena Erdil though, who is catching her.

Tomorrow I expect this will all change again, I said on a forum before all this started that I think it will end with a 54knot win, it is looking more and more possible. You can see Antoine Albeau's record run here with an amazing 5x10second average of 52.05knots!

Good speeds and winds
The Bus

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Luderitz; A day to go down in history

Anders Bringal, photo courtesy of Eric Bellande
Today was spectacular, with two of the worlds best windsurfers breaking the 50knot barrier. The first to break it was Anders Bringal with 50.41knots, and then 50.46knots. There was a lot of speculation online at official Luderitz Speed Challenge facebook page. After a couple of hours of national records falling all went quiet for an hour. This was after Jurjen van de Noord posted that the 50knot barrier had been broken. This was followed by an official post saying Anders had 49.31 so no one knew who had broken the 50knot barrier. 

Luderitz. 50knot 500m toppled by more than one

This is currently part conjecture but I am confident in what I write. About half an hour ago the Luderitz page on Stalkerbook announced "The 50knots are Broken". This was after many posts this morning of national records being broken, almost every couple of minutes. Meanwhile Antoine and Cedric were out on a tandem breaking that record. They got on their normal boards and the last post was made, saying the top 3 had done about 49.5. What followed was a lot of tension, it was better than the Olympics and the best suspense film rolled into one.

I think our posts on their thread made them delay the news even more, they could see more and more people logging in and perhaps decided to keep the suspense. 45 minutes ago they posted about the 50knots, one person has confirmed a text from Anders saying he was over 50, another is now confirming Antoine to be over. I predict the top 3, Antoine, Anders and Cedric will all be over, and also hope to see UK rider Farrell O'Shea tipping the 50knot barrier as well after posting a run this morning over 48.

Well done to whoever has broken it so far. You are all really helping increase the global audience of Windsurfing.

Edit 17.30 GMT - Anders Bringdal broke 1st the 50 knots with 50.41 knots and then 50.46 knots! Antoine beat him after with 50.59 knots
Also some posts are indicating that Antoine has had a crash into the bank, wrecking his gear and possibly injuring his back, I hope this part is not true.

Zara Davis has increased the Womens outright record to 44.69knots, this was done about midday with no further reports this afternoon when it seems a lot of the faster times were recorded. Maybe it will be even more than this by now.

Good luck.
The Bus.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Antoine Albeau sets a new World Record

The big man himself has graced GPS Speedsurfing for the first time!

The stats are amazing, 51.54 2 seconds, I expect the peak is pretty consistent with that as well (from the looks of the data shot below it is a peak of 51.92). An average of 49.68 and the new world record (unratified) over 500m of 49.56knots.
GPS Results data analysis of Antoine's World beating speeds.


Other great news from the day is Zara Davis setting the womens world record to 44.19knots over 500m. This is now taking womens speed results well into the realms of the top guys on GPSSS. Final congratulations must go to Farrel O'Shea with the new British speed record of 46.15knots.

Sorry, more congratulations have to go to Anders Bringal who has the new production board world record of 48.33knots.

I feel like this is wasting my time typing and your time reading as these I am sure will be smashed every day there is wind there. This is only the start, there are still several weeks left and several big players who are not yet there. I only hope that they can catch up, as the current crew are lapping up national and world records every day.

Well done everyone, lets hope this puts Speed Surfing onto the extreme sports map and more coverage starts in the press and on TV.

Good speeds and winds.
The Bus.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Luderitz Speed Canal Day 1

Just a few details thanks to Pete Davis.
"What a fantastic start! Zara Breaks both her British and Production records with a 40.95 knot run. She is one of only three women ever to go over 40 knots and is just 0.3 of a knot of Karin Jaggi's record. Elanor from Turkey on her 1st speed event did very well also with a 39. 73 knots.

Anders Brindal her fellow Mistral rider and head man was also on fantastic form. He took the fastest spot from a very strong field."

Results from day one
Anders Bringdal 46.33K
Cedrick Bordes 45.09K
Antoine Albeau 44.50K
Farrel Oshea 43.95K
Patrick Diethelm 42.50K
Zara Davis 40.95K

That is great form from Zara and Farrel, to get so close to the big guns, some of whom have a lot of experience sailing canals in the past. Well done from us speedies at Portland Harbour.With better winds forecast I am sure these speeds are just a warm up.
Good speeds and winds for day 2!
The Bus

Monday, 28 May 2012

Worthing BSA - UK Slalom Series

Nik Baker and his amazing home cinema van full of toys. I I need one! Now!
What a fantastic weekend it was. First thanks must go to the hosts who were Nik and Ant Baker (North, Fanatic, Ion, K66 Surf and The Baker Academy). The entertainment on the Saturday evening was second to none, with a BBQ fit for kings and an outdoor cinema when the sun went down. 

Thursday, 2 February 2012

News from January 2012

GPS Team Challenge Updates
The GPS Team Challenge in the Northern Hemisphere ended with some great peak and 5x10 average  results for the Portland Pirates but alas only mediocre scores in the other categories. The wind either only came in the week when most were working, or blew through far too strong for hour and nautical mile attempts. I cannot speak for the other teams around Western Europe but would expect they suffered a similar fate. One team as usual, dominated the scoreboard with fantastic results all round. The winners of the 2011 series - The Grevelingen Chop Team. Hot on their heels this month in the top speed categories were the West Kirby Warriors, they seem to have a few very big hitters in their team with Steve Thorp and Farrel OShea and are getting more organised to give the Portland Pirates more competition. Steve as you all know scored a secure 50knot+ peak, and was even gracious enough to post his lower scoring GPS result.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Jim Crossley flies at West Kirby

Another great January day, this time a few Portland Pirates team mates win the honour of sailors of the day.
 Produced by Alan Jones
Edited by Chris Bates
Directed by a good WNW Wind
Screenshot from

Saturday, 7 January 2012

GPS Team Challenge 2011 Final Results

I am sorry this is a little late, as you may have seen it has been a but busier here in the UK than usual for this time of year. I intended to write this at the start of January after a well fought month in December. It is relatively hard for me to comment how the other teams organise themselves or even how competitive they are in the GTC. I can say how disappointed, or perhaps a better word is frustrated, some Portland Pirates were when the Tassie Speed Seekers scored the following session on the 20th.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Best Board Graphics Ever?

I want one, I want one, I need one, I really need one, this is just brilliant!!!

Its a Moo custom, watch this space for an interview with Moo in the new year. They currently have logged the fastest speeds at West Kirby with one run over 50knots.

Here is a promo vid.....
MOOsters of speed from k4 fins on Vimeo.

Looking Forward to 2012

After a successful 12 months for my windsurfing I am really pleased with my results over the year. Back at the end of September 2010 I bought my first slalom/speed sail and have been hooked ever since. It was then that I started this website, as a diary ready to complete my 1000 nautical miles for the British Heart Foundation. I succeeded with that by July and have gone on to raise £1600 and match it by distance windsurfed. This was really just an excuse to get out on the water as much as possible, a completely selfish obsession!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Clash of the Titans Day 2

Steve Thorp racing Izzy, or Izzy racing Steve, no one knows......
The results for both days are finally in, it looks like everyone made it home safely with a lot of people having a long way to drive. Steve Thorp went home (halfway across the country!) Wednesday evening, went to work Thursday morning and then decided to go back to West Kirby on his lunch break, I guess it pays to be a boss!

Clash of the Titans Day 1 - Martyn Ogier

Martyn Ogier closing on 50knots
Rather than keep adding to an article many appear to have read (over 1000 in 18 hours!) I want to add more about the top speedsurfer of the day at West Kirby on the 7th of December 2011.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Clash of the Titans

All Photos were taken by Alan Jones, thank you for allowing me to use them on here.

Steve Thorp determined to get the big 50 again.
The forecast was long ago it seems, with nine pages of updates on Howard Rowsons 'December Stormtrack' thread hosted by Everyone who speedsurfs was aware of this upcoming momentous occasion, some even got a warm up at the weekend. West Kirby has lit up again, the wind hit today December the 7th with force and at almost the best angle. It did turn out to be slightly too broad though, similar to the last epic day there when Steve Thorp became the first British speedsurfer to get the golden 50 on his GPS.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Boards article about Weymouth Speed Week

I have always wanted to get into Boards magazine. December 2011 is the last 'normal' Boards issue, next year they are moving to a biannual collectors magazine with more on-line content. I made it just before they finished then. Its a bit of a dream come true. There is even a picture of Kat right in the middle of the top picture.

The magazine had it spread over two pages so I have cropped and do a bit of cut and paste to get it onto one. The text is what I wrote on here about Speed week, if you cannot read it in the picture it is also found here

Thursday, 1 December 2011

November news 2011

The first thing I must say in this is a congratulations to a team mate; Pete Young for getting over 40 knots again at Portland Harbour. This is such a rare occurrence that it deserves a mention, also well done to the other guys who were out that day; Kev Greenslade and Steve Corps both scored peaks within a knot of 40. Steve managed that after breaking a middle batten on his first run as well. I can confirm it was a very hard session with winds that made the sail feel like Thor's hammer was hitting it. I managed a measly 35.45peak on my gps which is a personal best but know I could have done better if I was back at full strength, most of my time was spent slowly walking back upwind out of breath!  The session is here.

Another well done needs to go to some team mates for their tireless performance last month for the Portland Pirates. If it was not for Pete (The Matrix), Kev (El Reg) Greenslade, and Norman (Normski) Petty going out in some horrible temperatures and conditions with little light after work then the Portland Pirates would not be up there any more. Their Nautical Mile, Hour and Distance efforts deserve medals sometimes, its a shame that it is always left to a few to do the less glamorous disciplines, which I am sure is the case with all teams out there.

The GPS Team challange saw the Tassie Speedseekers shoot up the rankings with a top place finish for the month after a great session here.  With fifteen speedsurfers out and a result that covered every discipline for the month it must have been a really great session, there were a total of nine personal bests as well. As can be seen above this has left 3rd, 4th and 5th places to fight for. This should motivate some to get out in what looks like amazing conditions for Western Europe over the next few days and maybe even weeks if the longer range forecasts are anything to go by.

10th, 11th and 12th places look worth fighting for as well with only a span of 20 points between them. Remember that a discount required for this month may mean a drop of a few places for some if you have 4 poor months already. This can make a huge difference now as you move lower down the results table here.

A session of note must be mentioned now, it had a total of 80 speedsurfers all at one location, Strand Horst. There were a total of 23 that achieved 2seconds over 40knots! The session can be found here. This is such a great result and shows how well organised the Dutch are at getting together for Speed meetings. is planning a few for the UK next year and I will put more info on here once things are confirmed.

Some other news about something I was shown today is that Angelo Pecere and Jeffery Leeflang have started a project to create ; Ghosts of Speed: A Windsurf Speed Movie . They have a facebook page for anyone that is interested here.

Finally Boardseeker managed to get a great article with Anders about his experiences at Luderitz, read it here

Good Speed and Winds (and make sure you are safe now up here in the Northern Hemisphere, check your UJ/tendon and replace, also check your ropes.)
'The Bus'

When I started these reports I was hoping for a few to join in and send me some info on great sessions in a month. Please if you read it can you try to do that, it will give so much more depth to the reports, I find it hard to say much more that compare a few scores on the table.

Monday, 21 November 2011

2011 Personal Review

The year I windsurfed 1000 nautical miles to raise money for the British Heart Foundation draws to a close.......

It has been a very hard year for everything in my life other than completing the 1000 nautical miles. After setting it up ready to start in January I was happy that finally I had spent some time learning how to create a website, something that I had wanted to do for years now. Also I recieved a lot of support for it from various other websites, windsurfers and friends.

The £1000 goal was already looking easily achievable when I actually started windsurfing the 1000nmi, in January the monetary target was nearly at the halfway point. This was thanks to a few very generous donations from friends and a few windsurfers online that I am still yet to meet in person. January came and I was off to a great start, I doubled my distance goal for the month.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

November News in Brief

We are all still waiting for Anders Bringdal to bring home the speedsurfing title (I know he is Swedish, when I say home I mean back to us windsurfers). He posted a 48.03knot 5x10 second average on the 11th November and apparently did even better in a previous session but had GPS problems. He is showing the Kites that they are not so far ahead, and seems to be beating them at the moment in the wider Luderitz Canal. Videos are here.
The Speed Strip at Luderitz

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

October News in Brief

October was a great month for the UK and Western Europe, like September most of the results were achieved in the first week with conditions which secured a good score in all categories for the Portland Pirates and many other teams. West Kirby fired up and an Ultimate Speed Meeting was called, you probably have read the reports for this, there are several. It was a day that Steve Thorp scored 50.01 on his GPS. If that is compared to the current speeds that are coming from Luderitz (report to follow) it really shows what an outstanding sailor Steve is, he either has balls of steel or a slight mental problem or both. After talking to many people at Weymouth Speed week who saw him there, I think it has to be both for achieving that over quite significant chop (no offence intended Steve!). Next time I hope I can actually be there rather than report from postings off the internet.

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