Thursday 1 December 2011

November news 2011

The first thing I must say in this is a congratulations to a team mate; Pete Young for getting over 40 knots again at Portland Harbour. This is such a rare occurrence that it deserves a mention, also well done to the other guys who were out that day; Kev Greenslade and Steve Corps both scored peaks within a knot of 40. Steve managed that after breaking a middle batten on his first run as well. I can confirm it was a very hard session with winds that made the sail feel like Thor's hammer was hitting it. I managed a measly 35.45peak on my gps which is a personal best but know I could have done better if I was back at full strength, most of my time was spent slowly walking back upwind out of breath!  The session is here.

Another well done needs to go to some team mates for their tireless performance last month for the Portland Pirates. If it was not for Pete (The Matrix), Kev (El Reg) Greenslade, and Norman (Normski) Petty going out in some horrible temperatures and conditions with little light after work then the Portland Pirates would not be up there any more. Their Nautical Mile, Hour and Distance efforts deserve medals sometimes, its a shame that it is always left to a few to do the less glamorous disciplines, which I am sure is the case with all teams out there.

The GPS Team challange saw the Tassie Speedseekers shoot up the rankings with a top place finish for the month after a great session here.  With fifteen speedsurfers out and a result that covered every discipline for the month it must have been a really great session, there were a total of nine personal bests as well. As can be seen above this has left 3rd, 4th and 5th places to fight for. This should motivate some to get out in what looks like amazing conditions for Western Europe over the next few days and maybe even weeks if the longer range forecasts are anything to go by.

10th, 11th and 12th places look worth fighting for as well with only a span of 20 points between them. Remember that a discount required for this month may mean a drop of a few places for some if you have 4 poor months already. This can make a huge difference now as you move lower down the results table here.

A session of note must be mentioned now, it had a total of 80 speedsurfers all at one location, Strand Horst. There were a total of 23 that achieved 2seconds over 40knots! The session can be found here. This is such a great result and shows how well organised the Dutch are at getting together for Speed meetings. is planning a few for the UK next year and I will put more info on here once things are confirmed.

Some other news about something I was shown today is that Angelo Pecere and Jeffery Leeflang have started a project to create ; Ghosts of Speed: A Windsurf Speed Movie . They have a facebook page for anyone that is interested here.

Finally Boardseeker managed to get a great article with Anders about his experiences at Luderitz, read it here

Good Speed and Winds (and make sure you are safe now up here in the Northern Hemisphere, check your UJ/tendon and replace, also check your ropes.)
'The Bus'

When I started these reports I was hoping for a few to join in and send me some info on great sessions in a month. Please if you read it can you try to do that, it will give so much more depth to the reports, I find it hard to say much more that compare a few scores on the table.


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