Wednesday 7 November 2012

Antoine Albeau sets a new World Record

The big man himself has graced GPS Speedsurfing for the first time!

The stats are amazing, 51.54 2 seconds, I expect the peak is pretty consistent with that as well (from the looks of the data shot below it is a peak of 51.92). An average of 49.68 and the new world record (unratified) over 500m of 49.56knots.
GPS Results data analysis of Antoine's World beating speeds.


Other great news from the day is Zara Davis setting the womens world record to 44.19knots over 500m. This is now taking womens speed results well into the realms of the top guys on GPSSS. Final congratulations must go to Farrel O'Shea with the new British speed record of 46.15knots.

Sorry, more congratulations have to go to Anders Bringal who has the new production board world record of 48.33knots.

I feel like this is wasting my time typing and your time reading as these I am sure will be smashed every day there is wind there. This is only the start, there are still several weeks left and several big players who are not yet there. I only hope that they can catch up, as the current crew are lapping up national and world records every day.

Well done everyone, lets hope this puts Speed Surfing onto the extreme sports map and more coverage starts in the press and on TV.

Good speeds and winds.
The Bus.

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