The 1000 Nautical Mile Challenge

The following is the original text to introduce you to my blog. I really enjoyed the journey from starting it in September 2010, and completing my primary goals just after the middle of 2011. Unfortunately further illness forced me to halt the new target of 2011 nautical miles, but I will complete it in time, probably not by the end of this year though.

"Welcome to my blog. It is designed to generate donations and sponsorship for the British Heart Foundation in 2011. My goal of sailing 1000nautical miles was completed on 6th July 2011. My goal of hitting speeds above 35knots was completed on 6th July. The £1000 goal was achieved on the 7th August. I will be raising more money in a raffle at the National Windsurfing Festival and will attempt to sail 1nmi for every extra £1 raised.

On the 13th February 2010 in the middle of the night I suffered a Heart Attack that lasted over 8 hours. My life was saved by the Paramedics, and recovery was ensured by the Doctors and Nurses at Dorchester Hospital. More recently on the 1st August 2011 I was taken to hospital again with multiple pulmonary embuli in both lungs, this I am currently recovering from.

This is my little way of giving something back through a sport that I love."

Many of the original articles are lost in the depths of the blog, if someone who reads this can create dropdown menu bars that actually work I would be forever grateful. Here are a few of the more important links, the whole story starting from the most recent post can be found by clicking the 'Redsurfbus Origins' here or at the top of the page.

My first post and motivation for starting this can be read here; First Time Blogging and here; Why do I windsurf? How did I get here?

Details about my heart attack that lead me to start this are here; Memories of the morning that lead to this, just on the off chance that the disbelievers  from my workplace read this here are my Angiography screenshots.

Heart attacks have a long term effect not only on physical health but also mental health and confidence. I tried to write some of my feelings and experiences here; Building confidence after a heart attack, in the future I would like to write further about this and also try to help others regain their pride and confidence if they have problems after such a life threatening illness. A year after it happened I tried to write a bit more here; Valentines day will never be quite the same

As we got towards the end of spring the wind drought cleared and I pretty much lived in the van every weekend down at the harbour. I soon caught up to my target for each month that I set myself in the 'schedule'. It did not take long to do the majority of the 1000nmi, most of it was covered in May and June at weekends and after work where possible.

I regained my confidence once I finished my challenge. I felt like I could succeed once more and the world became a brighter place again. I suffered a lot of sleepless nights until I finished the challenge, not due to doing it, more due to problems caused by the people I work for and the way they have done everything to destroy my career and self esteem which I believe caused my health to deteriorate (is the UK the only country that will not say heart attacks can be caused by long term stress?). After completing the 1000nautical miles and raising (at that point almost) £1000 for charity I felt successful again. Looking forward to the summer holidays with excellent fitness I felt on top of the world. Then........The blood clots returned in a different place.

My whole outlook changed for the worse again. I was in constant agony for weeks after it started, and still have regular pain now as I type this over 6 weeks later. The full details are here (its a long one!) Multiple Pulmonary Embuli.

This rounds up and sort of closes that part of my life, I am enjoying trying to change the website to something different now. I hope it gives me a route to gaining an income in the future.

edit Jan 2012 - I am returning to work to teach Maths and enjoy my job again which will provide me the means to support this website also.

Thank you for reading and I hope that no body goes through this themselves.

Lea Spencer k172

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