Tuesday 6 November 2012

Luderitz Speed Canal Day 1

Just a few details thanks to Pete Davis.
"What a fantastic start! Zara Breaks both her British and Production records with a 40.95 knot run. She is one of only three women ever to go over 40 knots and is just 0.3 of a knot of Karin Jaggi's record. Elanor from Turkey on her 1st speed event did very well also with a 39. 73 knots.

Anders Brindal her fellow Mistral rider and head man was also on fantastic form. He took the fastest spot from a very strong field."

Results from day one
Anders Bringdal 46.33K
Cedrick Bordes 45.09K
Antoine Albeau 44.50K
Farrel Oshea 43.95K
Patrick Diethelm 42.50K
Zara Davis 40.95K

That is great form from Zara and Farrel, to get so close to the big guns, some of whom have a lot of experience sailing canals in the past. Well done from us speedies at Portland Harbour.With better winds forecast I am sure these speeds are just a warm up.
Good speeds and winds for day 2!
The Bus

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