Saturday 7 January 2012

GPS Team Challenge 2011 Final Results

I am sorry this is a little late, as you may have seen it has been a but busier here in the UK than usual for this time of year. I intended to write this at the start of January after a well fought month in December. It is relatively hard for me to comment how the other teams organise themselves or even how competitive they are in the GTC. I can say how disappointed, or perhaps a better word is frustrated, some Portland Pirates were when the Tassie Speed Seekers scored the following session on the 20th.

Amazing amount of PB's, congratulations on many counts there guys.

Its not often you see so many categories filled in one day, this is great teamwork.
The Matrix, who is one of the key Portland Pirates was devastated, as were a few others. This little group of results had almost destroyed the Portland Pirates chances of a 3rd place, and it really depended just as much on other teams as our own efforts. If other teams could gain some points over the Tassies we stood a chance and jumping over them on the table, but without other teams we could only draw.

The second half of December up until Christmas was a difficult month for wind here in Western Europe, but over Christmas it was great for a lot of sessions although the winds were not strong enough to beat the scores that the Tassies had set. The weather here is unseasonably warm, on Boxing day I was actually warm in the water and so far this winter I have only had real hand burn a couple of times, this has been mostly coupled with westerly winds which are not from the best direction for us Portland Pirates.

The top 2 places in the table were foregone conclusions. It was mid table that all the battles took place. It is here where I need some help this year, please if you read this and are a mid table team can you send me updates of your progress, or just brief outlines of great sessions, it will really help me report on something other the the team I am in. I dont want these reports to read as biased, I want them to be outlines of what happened in the month for all the GTC competitors to be able to read.
The way the Portland Pirates is run is excellent and a big thanks must go to Mr Motivator - Swagger and his right hand man The Matrix for their selfless efforts in getting the team organised for scores. We sail for the first 10 or so days in a month and then the scores seem to settle down a bit and we can see where we are in the table. Then the plans start to hatch of what is needed and when it will be possible. How do you do this with your own team? If you are in a team and have read this then please for next month send me a sentence about a good session, a couple of lines about a key player of the month, or even a congratulations to a competitor. I will do my best to keep this organised as a report over this coming year but it will be a lot better with your help.

The Matrix, Portland Pirate Powerhouse Pete Young
Onto some congratulations overall for the year.
2011 International Overall 

1 Jacques van der Hout

2 Hans Kreisel

3 Mister Brace

4 Gerlof

5 Kaleb Smith

6 Stefan Brouwers

7 kato

8 Dave Morehead

9 Jacques Kint

10 The Matrix

I know there is a great deal of friendly competition between the top two, only last week Jacques congratulated Hans with an outstanding session at West Kirby. The guys in this list are the Elite of speedsurfing, with skills in all the disciplines, not just going fast in a straight line. I am sure each respective team would not get very far without their key players, us lesser players are just happy occasionally to get a medal for the month. I know I love that part of the competition, but often get told off that we need higher scores by The Matrix, and it is that attitude that got him into the top 10.

There should be more categories for these 'top 10s' like the posts on seabreeze hint towards, but where would it end? If you want to congratulate a team mate then send me a paragraph and a picture and I will happily post it on here.

Best wishes for 2012, I hope all your PB's get broken many times over, I hope the 40knot club expands massively and also the 50knot club increases in size a bit more. Good speeds and winds
'The Bus'

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