Tuesday 13 November 2012

Luderitz. 50knot 500m toppled by more than one

This is currently part conjecture but I am confident in what I write. About half an hour ago the Luderitz page on Stalkerbook announced "The 50knots are Broken". This was after many posts this morning of national records being broken, almost every couple of minutes. Meanwhile Antoine and Cedric were out on a tandem breaking that record. They got on their normal boards and the last post was made, saying the top 3 had done about 49.5. What followed was a lot of tension, it was better than the Olympics and the best suspense film rolled into one.

I think our posts on their thread made them delay the news even more, they could see more and more people logging in and perhaps decided to keep the suspense. 45 minutes ago they posted about the 50knots, one person has confirmed a text from Anders saying he was over 50, another is now confirming Antoine to be over. I predict the top 3, Antoine, Anders and Cedric will all be over, and also hope to see UK rider Farrell O'Shea tipping the 50knot barrier as well after posting a run this morning over 48.

Well done to whoever has broken it so far. You are all really helping increase the global audience of Windsurfing.

Edit 17.30 GMT - Anders Bringdal broke 1st the 50 knots with 50.41 knots and then 50.46 knots! Antoine beat him after with 50.59 knots
Also some posts are indicating that Antoine has had a crash into the bank, wrecking his gear and possibly injuring his back, I hope this part is not true.

Zara Davis has increased the Womens outright record to 44.69knots, this was done about midday with no further reports this afternoon when it seems a lot of the faster times were recorded. Maybe it will be even more than this by now.

Good luck.
The Bus.

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