Wednesday 2 November 2011

October News in Brief

October was a great month for the UK and Western Europe, like September most of the results were achieved in the first week with conditions which secured a good score in all categories for the Portland Pirates and many other teams. West Kirby fired up and an Ultimate Speed Meeting was called, you probably have read the reports for this, there are several. It was a day that Steve Thorp scored 50.01 on his GPS. If that is compared to the current speeds that are coming from Luderitz (report to follow) it really shows what an outstanding sailor Steve is, he either has balls of steel or a slight mental problem or both. After talking to many people at Weymouth Speed week who saw him there, I think it has to be both for achieving that over quite significant chop (no offence intended Steve!). Next time I hope I can actually be there rather than report from postings off the internet.

There are no real changes to the table for the year to date, I was not quick enough last night and missed the chance to grab a screen shot before the Nov scores counted. These have moved a couple of teams around due the the '48' score counting. I think the fact that the Grevelingen Chop team have Novembers score counting as a discard really shows the strength of the team. Granted the team has a few great speedsurfers in which secure their results every month, but don't all of the teams? I know the Portland Pirates has a few big hitters which leaves the rest of us to try like mad to get a 'medal' for the month. I would like to do some profile articles on some of the big hitters on the GPSTC, you may have seen this I wrote earlier this month - If anyone out there fancies writing a bit more on their team, about an exceptional session then please send it to me and I will publish it. I really think some of the great windsurfers out there deserve more recognition for the efforts they put in, if you want to say a thank you to one of your team mates then write a small article about one of their great really helps me when someone sends something to publish, and gives a different perspective with different authors.

Since the second week in October came to an end there has been no real wind here around the UK and Western Europe to get and really good sessions, there was the occasional day but nothing compared to the first week in the month. Weymouth Speed Week took place in the third week, this was great to participate in and actually meet a lot of the European speedsurfers, although many do not take part in the GPSTC which is a real shame. David Garrell took first place after a close battle  with a great couple of days in Weymouth. He was not the fastest on the water though, those I will not speak of (as they raise my blood pressure and its not worth it) took the title. David Williams speed-dangled his way into first place.

Hopefully these next few days in Luderitz we will be able to show the 'danglers' that we are faster......hopefully.

I will try a bit harder to get some articles up more regularly, I have lots of ideas of what to do but think I have a bit of writers block at the moment. Could someone from the southern hemisphere just send me a couple of paragraphs about the conditions last month and maybe about a great will add so much more to the site as I know a lot of you readers live down there.

For those up round here please start to take care in the water, make sure someone knows when you go out (I cant believe how short the days feel already!). I wore my winter suit for the first time last week, its a bit leaky so back to the summer until the new one arrives, the temperatures are dropping quite quickly now. Good luck for November, wishing you good speeds and winds as well.

'The Bus'

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