Normski's Longboard Ladder

 Who can get 30knots on a longboard?

Several sailors here in the UK are constantly pushing the boundaries with longboards and rumour has it that some have clocked over 30knots. These sessions become quickly lost in the depths of the GPS Speedsurfing site so we are going to run a mini competition on here, we may even have a small prize at the end of it. SUPs are allowed to enter too, just please do not end up going too far downwind on one as in my experience they can be buggers to get back up!!!

The goal is to reach 30knots first for a 2sec Peak, then for a 5x10sec average, then the ultimate goal must be for the offical 500m run. The first person to get a 500m 30knot average will win a trophy made by my own fair hands (see the shop page for the style).

All you need to do is post a comment here (remember to fill in the 'captcha' to get through the spam filter), or email with either your file, or your session link from GPS Speedsurfing. We will only add people who let us know one way or another that they want to join in.
We are open to ideas for this so please participate if you have any, we could even arrange 'speed' meetings for longboards!

Good speed and winds
By 'Normski &The Bus'

2011 Ladder
All results in Knots

'Speed Longboarder' 2s Max 5x10s 500m Board/sail

1 Bob Cunningham 32.75 30.6 29.29 S'Bd Phantom 380 '09, Tush Light'g8.5 '09

2 Stephen Squirrell 31.2 30.01 29.09Fanatic Mega Cat'96, Ezzy Infinity8.5 '05

3 Jon White 30.79 20.95 27.36
S'Bd Phantom 380 '10, Tush Light'g7.0 '11

4 Glen Morrell
S'Bd Phantom377'12 SeverneReflex2,9.2

5 Alastair Nichol
S'Bd Phantom 380 '10, KA Koncpt 9.5 '11

6 Mick Green (Drift)

S'Bd SUP12'6", KA Koyote 8.2

7 Norman Petty
Mistral EquipeII '96, Naish Redline 8.2 '07




Click the name for the link to GPS Speedsurfing records
If the link is not there speeds have been verified with the file on GPS Results..


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