Saturday 26 October 2013

UK Storm of the Century so far

Good luck to Speedies and Wave sailors all over the UK!

I have managed 2 great warm up sessions today and yesterday after months of a session every fortnight! Both sessions have given me great speeds for the conditions, both sessions on the 2013 Hot Sails GPS and almost giving me PB's for the kit size. In my last 3 sessions I have done 5 nmi runs over 28knots, and have only managed to get over 28 twice before in total. Today I managed 1750m over 29knots, just had a slow start to the run.

I ache due to lack of time on the water, tomorrow will be a quick session in the morning and then a rest ready for the storm on Monday.

My mum is coming over to visit tomorrow, I hope she likes the new van as I suspect she will be spending a fair bit of time in it over the next few days. Sorry mum.

Good speeds, the wind is pretty much guaranteed this time.
the Bus


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