Sunday, 28 July 2013

Campervan and Windsurf Van conversion - Building the bed

After 2 weeks of faffing with electrics and carpeting now is the time that my head full of plans can be emptied into the van. So far it is going to plan and all the weight bearing supports are fitting perfectly in place.
What you can see in the picture is the drivers side supports for the bed. The bed will run the length of the top piece of wood which is 185cm long so just over 6ft for sleeping in that direction. This will not be as long on the other side of the van, but we will be able to sleep width ways across the van should that be required (Its not often that wild camping provides flat even surfaces, and there is nothing worse than having a bad nights sleep due to sliding down or across the bed all night).

I am pretty sure that the vertical supports running from the floor are not needed as the horizontal support it screwed into the steelwork of the van, better safe than sorry though as 20kgs of ply with 150kgs of human (thats 2 before I get any wise cracks about putting on a couple of kilos, and by 2 I mean male and female before I get any wise cracks about having pink sails!!! ;-)) are likely to ding a board a fair bit if it came crashing down.

The far end of the supports will hold the kitchen in place, the kitchen worktop/sink/stove will sit flush with the window which is why I have not carpeted the bottom of the window (I had had enough of spray glue and my patience had run out long before finishing that wall off!). I expect the kitchen worktop to be as wide as the drivers seat, which is wider than needed for the kitchen but the nose of my boards and longer sails will fit under one half of it.

Tomorrows job is to build the supports for the passenger side of the van, and a basic frame for the middle so I can size it all up with kit in before bolting the mid support through the van floor. More importantly tomorrow afternoon is windy, so I will do as much as I can in the morning and then get on the water :D

Good speeds and winds
The Bus mk2


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