Tuesday 15 October 2013

Big Smiles

At a few months short of 40 I have made it onto the Hot Team UK webpage. Nearly 4 years ago after my Heart Attack one of my goals was to try to do something substantial (for me!) in sport as ultimately I want to write a book to help others recover. Along the way I have met loads of people online and in real life who have told me that reading the first few items on this website (http://www.redsurfbus.com/p/1000-nautical-mile-challenge.html) helped them gain confidence to get back out on the water after similar illnesses.

There is nothing out there in the literary world to help younger men who have suffered heart disease, yet there are 1000's of books to help people and families come to terms with cancer. Heart Disease eats away at you mentally, its like running a car knowing that the engine is on its way out, it seems to run okay day to day but you know at the back of your mind that at some point it can come to a grinding halt. It is only time that heals this, as the days turn to weeks to months to years you tend to think about it less and less. The tiny twinges that everyone gets in their chest are amplified to a deafening level with heart disease even though most are absolutely nothing. Each one reminds you though.

Ironically I feel about as fit right now as I did straight after the heart attack, lack of wind and too much work has caused that. Time to sort my priorities out and start exercising every day again as hopefully the winds are about to return.

Thanks Hot Sails, it has made my day.

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