Friday 22 November 2013

Google Teacher Academy

This is far from a windsurf related post. This is a Google Blog and I have a feeling that the success of this has helped my application to Google to go on their prestigious Teacher Academy. I have been told only 100 educators across the world per year are invited, I was asked to apply by my school as we are the first school to issue Chromebooks to every student. Google visited and I think they liked what they saw in my classroom.

Only 3 of us at school were asked to apply, one of which teaches Business and IT, the other is classed as the 'Digital Innovation Leader' (I think) and is much higher up the chain of command than I. Their application videos I think were much more polished than mine so something swung the decision my way, it must have been all my work on here, and all your time for reading it (of course they have access to all the analytics as they own them!).

This could well mean big things, I will be with some of the most creative educators the world has to offer, along with everything Googly at their head office in London. 

After years of being in the doldrums career wise things are certainly looking up, I will work very hard while the wind doesnt blow (or only blows from the North, which is far too cold right now!). Some of you have followed and supported me through my ups and mainly downs at work. Now under new management things are going from better to even better, the whole ethos at the school is changing. I tried to change it this way within maths years ago when I joined the school but was fought every step of the way by external advisers. For the first time since I left my old school I found myself going in early (always go in early.....but) with a big smile.

Good speeds and winds
The Bus


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