Thursday 29 August 2013

Pazuzu is not a winner in the judges eyes.....but a peoples winner!

Feeling quite disappointed, with 99 more votes than any of the others, and almost as many votes as the rest put together Pazuzu did not make it even into the runners up category.

243 votes vs 70 for the winner, 63 and 36 for the runners up. The winner is deserving as a lot of money was spent on the van and its a great van, I chose this one to win and it was part of the inspiration for me to re do RSB1...which obviously never happened. Apparently value for money was one of the criteria though, also practicality....and public opinion.

No worries as everyone voting means more than a piece of wood as a prize, although I would love something from Surf Mirrors as his designs are amazing.

Thanks for voting, a bit like a general election unfortunately the votes made no difference to the decision.

Good speeds and winds
The Bus mk2


  1. I'm disappointed as well! What's the use of a voting if the votes don't count. U are a fair loser, if it was me I would be not only disappointed, but also mad as hell.
    Surfs up

  2. Thank you Patrick, that means more to me than a competition, after our first weekend alone in the van Kat and I are really happy with it, there is loads of room for just 2 without a teenager in tow! ...... I may have even been able to make more windsurfing storage but too late now, I think 3 boards/8sails is ample for permanent storage ;)


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