Sunday 25 August 2013

Stand by your van competition - National Windsurfing Festival

This is what I did so much work for in such a short time. I hoped to enter the competition with the old van and its history in terms of this website and my 1000nmi challenge but as you will know if you have read past posts it all went wrong.

So in 8 weeks I went from van-less to having my dream van with in my opinion the perfect interior for what I need. If you are a regular reader could you click this link and then like at the bottom of the page, it could help me win. At the time of writing this I am about 30 votes behind the leader, and the leader has had their post up since before I bought Pazuzu!

Thank you for helping,
Good speeds and winds
The Bus mk2 (Pazuzu - Demon king of the winds)

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