Wednesday 4 September 2013

Luderitz 2013 Board Design by Phil Carbon

Phil Carbon has been good enough to share some of his designs for the upcoming Luderitz event which must be the biggest event of the year, now formally entering its second year. They are currently digging the trench, and the weather gurus are forecasting some big winds. With many more entrants than last year I have no doubt records will be broken again, and I am confident that we can beat the kites this time. I personally am looking forward to seeing the extra competition from the Australian team who are going this year.

The experience that the riders came back with has gone into fresh ground breaking designs, Phil is going to do a series of articles on the production of some of the boards for riders such as Anders Bringdal and Gauthier Bourgeois with this being the first.

Hope you enjoy them, 'The Bus mk2'

As an experienced board designer I was fortunate enough to be involved with a big project for Luderitz 2013. This is to shape and design a prototype for a young French speed rider. To help him to participate to this competition and to reach his dream of passing the 50 knots wall. I am going to sell this board after the competition in a big lottery to raise money to pay for his entrance and travel to the event.

Here we have the first steps in the production of this board, we discussed the specifics of this spot and choose to make this single special board. The dimensions are 233x39 50l OFO 24

Board design on CAD software

Preparation, developing templates, foam cutting (scoop) with hot stick

Outline preparation foam and airex

Look out for the next few articles as the foam is laminated and finshed.
I hope you enjoy the article and seeing how this special board is produced to very high standards.


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