Tuesday 16 July 2013

Camper and windsurf van conversion - Ceiling Carpet

Last night I started the mammoth task of putting the carpet on the ceiling. I got the carpet and spray glue from Mega Van Mats who provided very fast delivery and a set of instructions. It is their veltrim carpet in silver. There will be black harder wearing carpet lower down in the van up to the windows, which is also where the top of the side strengthening battens are as well.

After applying a couple of coats of PVA diluted down to prime the wood a few days ago it went on quite easily, cutting it to shape was the hard part. I chose to line it up with the wall on the drivers side and trim the passenger side once complete. To start I lined up a corner and used a couple of staples to hold it in place about 30cm from the cab headlining. I did this across the width of the van, and then glued it into place at the cab end. Following this I removed the staples and worked down the length of the van doing about 30cm a time. I found if I did any more then by the time I had put it up some of the glue had dried.

The rear was a lot easier than I expected as well, there are no noticeable errors made that are visible. I am going to put a small coving strip where the walls meet the roof. It is straight and true down both sides but I think this will be a better finish overall.

I had planned to mark out the floor today for the bed frame but my neighbour has a guest who keeps parking blocking any access to the van. It was best I did not speak to them today after I have already asked several times for them to park so I can do work on the van in the evenings......

Good speeds and winds
Th Bus mk2


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