Wednesday 17 July 2013

Hot Sails GPS 2013` First impressions

The easiest way I can describe the difference between this design and last years is like comparing a fast top end  family saloon to a Porsche. Both deliver fast speeds and quick acceleration, but one is more refined and takes a touch more skill to drive. Last years model gives a steady soft power delivery, as the gust hits you have a second to feel it and respond accordingly. The 2013 sails need faster reactions, they deliver the power more directly. I think they will have a lower planing threshold in terms of minimum wind, also the change down threshold may have moved lower a bit, range staying the same. I am yet to get out more than once on it. The wind was around 18 knots constant gusting to 30knots. I found it harder to sheet in with the gusts than with the 2012 sails, but like I say I think the power delivery is slightly better as I was getting comparable speeds.

I found the same results with the 7.3m as well. There is a huge noticeable difference in
weight from last years model. After an hour of overpowered sailing carrying the kit back onto shore feels effortless now. On the water I suspect that I will be able to stay out for much longer distances without loosing as much energy, although at this rate I will have lost all my fitness next time the wind blows.

The cams in the sail have increased from 3 to 4, this and the tweaks in design have made for a sail that rotates as though there are no cams involved. They simply click round without the need for typical racing gybe hard sheet in to get the cams round.

Onto the colour, they are certainly a talking point at the local salty lake. Even the kitesurfers were saying hello while I was on the water, that hasn't happened before. The ladies love the colour, I am not overjoyed but then am I more concerned about the performance, and it gives great pleasure to approach people from behind with my big pink one, and then overtake them!

I hope to be able to add further findings with these sails but the wind has currently vanished from these shores. With it hitting close to 30deg everyday usually we would usually get a seabreeze in mid to late afternoon, there is a tree outside my window whose leaves have not moved for about a week!

Good speeds and winds
The Bus mk2

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