Tuesday 30 August 2011

Speedsailing Location - The Bluff, by Adam Gustafsson

This certainly one of the top wavesailing spots in the UK. On a good W or NW swell with the wind out of the south west or south you have some of the most perfect waveriding spots and coupled with the pristine water colour, golden St Ives sand and you really have a picture postcard place to sail. The pub at the top of the beach is designed for those on their caravan holiday but the views out across the bay are simply stunning.
Without doubt the Bluff is a potentially good speed spot, once a deep low swings in from the South west pushing a South west swell through you are likely to have mirror flat water here combined with a relatively steady wind. The spot works better on a spring low, but is sailable right through until 2/3rds in, when the river messes the bank up a little. The bank is relatively straight and curves towards you at both ends. A great spot for using a slalom board to work on Alphas or just fun blasting, in these type of conditions you are likely to have the speedcourse to yourself since any wave sailors will be seeking out some cross off riding at the north end of the beach or at Perhaps Perranporth due to the swell direction.

I’ve managed many peaks on the slalom gear of up to 38 knots here and have yet to sail here on a really good day. But the experience of sailing at such a picturesque spot is worth so much more than that. 
Best Conditions

Wind SW-S
Wind speed 20-40knots
Spring low.
SW swell or no swell.

Pros – Flat water, the most beautiful place to sail, uncrowded, good potential for
alphas, great parking, pub next door.

Cons – Limited Conditions allow sailing here, a bit of a trek to get to the water,
standing waves in the river mouth.

Best GPS Session here.

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  1. Thank you Adam, I think the rest of the Portland Pirates should come down there for a speed meeting on day, sounds like a fantastic place to sail


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