Tuesday 30 August 2011

Speedsurfing News Updates

Things have been moving quite quickly for this site, there seems to be a lot of support for it so thank you for reading and showing your support on the various forums. The number of hits is now consistently up in the 3 digits every day, which to experienced website owners may seem few but for me I am over the moon with it (hopefully they are not from me constantly checking to see how many hits I have had ;-)).

I have registered the domain Redsurfbus.com now, so in the future we will not be confined to the blogger layout which although is fantastic it can be a bit restrictive. I have tried for hours to get a menu system to work, both using Erik Loot's template (thank you Erik) and the various ones online when googled. I cannot get one to work yet, but will keep trying. If anyone is an IT wizard and can help please let me know.

The best news is there are a couple of people who want to write a few articles for the site. First and foremost is Adam Gustaffson, a well known sailor from the South West of England. He is going to start with a few posts about his local spots, which I think will be an invaluable resource, especially for myself. I am far too spoilt with Portland Harbour on my doorstep and route home from work so rarely venture anywhere else (in fact have not at all this year), these articles by Adam will definitely tempt me further afield.

A few more planned articles include bits on how to start speedsurfing and how to use the kit you may already have rather than upgrading to slalom/speed kit. I would like to get all UK spots covered with a small article for each one, a map and some pictures so if there is anyone out there willing to put a few words together about their favourite spot then please let me know (redsurfbus@gmail.com or Lea Spencer on facebook). Finally my fiancĂ©e Kat is going to do some nutrition articles that will give advice on staying hydrated and strong while doing any endurance sailing, and help you rebuild after big sessions. She is pleased that I have agreed to be her guinea pig and we will test some of the advice she will give. Since my heart/blood illness I have noticed a big difference in my energy levels when I eat differently so I will be a good test subject for this and I will report on the effects/differences to my windsurfing from the food I have eaten. 

I am completely open to ideas and criticism so please get in touch with advice you can offer. 

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