Wednesday 31 August 2011

Team Rankings Going into September

Ok, here goes with the first of many reports. I want feedback as I develop this into something that will interest all the GPSTC members, especially after I read last night that Ben, the creator of the team challenge fully endorses this idea. 

I have looked at the monthly team rankings for the current year, the top three teams from the Netherlands are going to be hard to catch.

We are moving into our autumn in the northern hemisphere now, after some idiot decided to give summer a miss for us in the UK. This means that we should be starting to see the first of our Atlantic storms fire up and send wind our way, the only problem being once it gets past us in the UK it seems to accelerate to the Netherlands.

The Tassie Speed Seekers have opened up a gap on their own in 4th place after they had a fantastic month in July, meaning the Portland Pirates will have to work hard (hope you are listening mi'hearties) every month until the end of the year to catch up. I am sure the Pit Crew feel the same about the Pirates, with a small gap between them, a good month and they could easily move into 5th place. The Pit Crew must remember that they have a team from Stand Horst in the Netherlands on their tail, and that spot is said to be one of the best in the world.

The gap between Team Horst in 7th and Moreton Bay Mob in 8th position is much bigger, but it is still all to play for when the discards are taken into account. All the positions from 8th to 14th can and will change over the next couple of months as the discards become more critical to the final result.

The rest of the table is quite evenly spaced out with scores reasonably close to each other until we reach the bottom of the table with slightly larger jumps from one position to the next.

Ok.....I just found that really difficult to write and to make interesting without knowing all of you. I guess over the next few months I will be able to give a bit more banter between the teams as I collate more stuff on here from the good/bad sessions off the GPSTC site.


  1. Great posting on this blog, nice to have some teams to post their story by the team captain.
    Tjeukemeeer speed team

  2. Thank you Niels, it is great to get some feedback.


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