Wednesday 25 May 2011

Fingers Crossed for some Personal Bests

Now I have made it half way for my distance I can relax for a while and enjoy my sailing a bit more with shorter faster runs hopefully. Instead of going another 100-200m each run I can get my gybe practice in each session and hopefully there is plenty of wind over the next few days to do this.
With my 7.0 Tushingham X15 on the sail repairers floor, hopefully to be ready for the weekend, and the batten in the Simmer 6.3 SCR Race repaired I should be set again for all conditions. After a few hard days sailing I feel good having a break today. I have a bit of a cold coming on like it usually does at the end of term, hopefully the salt water will get rid of it tomorrow. I can hear the wind hitting the window already.........33knots here I come.

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