Tuesday 24 May 2011

Busy 3 Days - 78NM Sailed, 500NM Total :-D

Sunday was my worst session of the year, my favourite sail that I fixed last week quickly split above the second batten. This happened at mid tide while the water was not too busy but meant I had to go and re-rig.
I rigged far too big for most of the time, the wind was very gusty and went from powered up to massively overpowered. I had lots of mini breaks after a couple of hours and even ended up rigging an old rotational sail to just make life a bit easier but then the wind dropped off so needed my bigger sail. In the end 46NM was not as much as I hoped but still okay.

Monday after work started badly, then I settled into the speed sailing and increased my speeds with several runs but a batten broke on my Simmer SCR 6.3, which has not had a lot of use. It has now been repaired and the other sail dropped off to the sailmakers on Portland near the academy.
This was the first real wind the required me to bear off into the 'death' chop offshore in the harbour. I now understand how hard it is to keep the acceleration going over the chop and have a lot more respect for the locals here, especially one who got 38knots!
10NM sailed today.

Todays wind was unexpected and a real bonus, but not for the callouses on my hands! I went out with the intention of trying to beat my best hour, after about 15 minutes it was clear I would not make my best but kept going and then caught a fisherman. As I gybed at the marina entrance I went around a small boat which then ended up being towed a little bit behind me, it was a damn good gybe as well. I had to drop in and untangle the hooks from the fin and then my wetsuit ankles, not an easy task while holding a rig.

22NM today gives me 78NM for the past three days and a new total of 500NM - my half way point!

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