Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Quick post, realised its been months now since my last post.

Hi all,

Life has been very busy, work has been getting better and better. Because of this I finally put an offer in for a house locally. It is within 50m of Portland Harbour, so I cannot wait to move in and be able to get on the water after work every day with ease.

Windsurfing of late has been poor, I beat my PB top speed just before Christmas with a max of 37.69 on Portland Harbour but have not been on the water since. In the summer I foolishly tried holding down a board in chest high shoredump in Cornwall. I somehow injured my left shoulder and it never got better. At Christmas I started packing my flat up and really pulled it again, to the point where I could not lift my arm out by my side without a fair bit of pain. The pain is not the problem as I can ignore it, but it loses all strength as well.

I decided to rest it, knowing the Doctor would just put me on painkillers for a while I opted to consult a few friends who had similar problems. One is a sports teacher and physio, he gave me a resistance band to use once I had rested it for at least a month (which is harder said that done without strapping my arm up). The month was up a couple of weeks ago, it does feel a hell of a lot better. I am now just building strength back into it gradually. If I am moving next to the water I want to be able to paddle when its not windy and want to be fixed before I move.

Will post again more regularly again soon.

Good speeds and winds
The bus

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