Friday 28 February 2014


After about 6 months of reduced movement in my shoulder it appears to be a lot better. Following my last post I have rested my left shoulder since Christmas, and now can exercise without pain the next day. I can still feel a slight twinge when I raise it straight out to my side but it has definitely improved a lot. This seemed to happen almost overnight as well. I went through a couple of days where it ached like a broken bone aches, not particularly painful but uncomfortable then all of a sudden I was able to move it fully without a sharp pain. Now I am up to 60 pressups a day and think I should venture back onto the water very soon.

Windsurfing was not that bad with it, even recovering from a waterstart there was no real noticeable pain, it was the following day that the pain came. The rest has hopefully allowed it to repair, only use will now confirm that.

I am still waiting for confirmation that my dream house will be mine, with views over Portland Harbour and access to get on the water at a minutes notice my heart is set on it. I am just waiting for the vendor to sort things out, all is signed and waiting from my end. I hope to post a pic from it next time I write, showing just how lucky I am :D

My shoulder is now ready to carry all my shit down from my flat when moving as well!

Good speeds and winds.

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