Wednesday 11 September 2013

Luderitz 2013 Board Design by Phil Carbon - The outer skin

First I have to thank you for the interest shown in the other articles. Here are the final stages of the manufacture.

I always start working on the bottom, and cover the rails twice for strength. At each stage the laminate, fibreglass or carbon, is vacuum bagged to optimise the resin to fibre ratio. Vacuum bagging also avoids bubbles forming in the laminate.
First I apply the mixed resin
The carbon is carefully laid onto the board

The plastic is perforated to catch excess resin, this makes sure there is a good ratio of resin to fibre, and stops any ridges which could cause stress points resulting in failure, probably when you least want it! This is removed once the resin has set in the next stage.
The vacuum bag ensures all of the laminate is wetted out with epoxy, and that it does not lift while drying

You can see the deck and the bottom complete here

Peel ply is then used for better traction.
The laminate is now complete, ready for final finish with paint. See the next article in a few days.

Thank you for your interest, if you have any questions about the process then you can contact me though my website

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