Tuesday 17 September 2013

Luderitz 2013 Board Design by Phil Carbon - The paint job

This is the final instalment for the production of the Luderitz board for Gautier Bourgeois. To follow will be some on the water feedback and an interview with the rider himself.

The final stages are to prepare the board for painting, then taking the paint back for a pro finish.

First the epoxy is sanded back
Filler is used to ensure there are no blemishes on painting

This is done on the deck and the bottom
Wet sanding ensures a perfect finish

The deck and the base are given their first layers

The paint is then sanded back for the Pro
Graphics are put in place

Footstraps and non slip

The finished article.
I do hope you have enjoyed seeing all the stages of board production, please feel free to ask any questions either on here or direct to me through my website - http://www.phil-carbon.com/

Thank you for reading.
Phil Carbon 

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