Monday 12 August 2013

First camping trip away in RedSurfBus mk2 :D

I am more than happy with my efforts in the design of the new van. Most things have worked out perfectly, although there are a few bits I need to correct to get perfection. For example the bench seat in the kitchen rubs on the kitchen cupboard door too much when opening, and the strip lights need an anchor point at the power end so when you press the button on the opposite end they dont gradually slide out (already sorted this as soon as I got home).

A couple of the things I did not make from scratch myself I am really pleased I spent the extra money on. The Smex combination sink and hob is brilliant. After 5 years of manually pouring water for a brew, after shuffling a camping gaz stove into position whilst knelt down I really appreciate being able to flick a switch to fill the kettle, and boil it whilst sat in comfort.
The other thing I am really happy with is the external silver screen. I bought this as a seconds (without anything wrong that I can find, apparently a crease makes it a second so it shows their build quality) for £100 off ebay. It goes up in seconds without having to lick countless suckers that then leave marks all over the windscreen. In the morning there is not a single bit of condensation on the windows. It also rolls down at the front so you can get ready, watch the sunset in warmth, then fold the front up and jump in bed.

I will post a couple more building pictures over the next few days as I finish off the windsurf racking and overhead kitchen cupboards. Then I intend to post a learner/self builders advice article. I have learnt a hell of a lot doing this and there is nothing better than then going and enjoying the fruits of your own labour in such amazing places.

Good speeds and winds (please some give me some winds now!!)

The Bus mk2


  1. Looking good! I'm curious to see what the gear compartment looks like!

  2. Thank you. At the moment the gear compartment is a huge empty tunnel. I have put a couple of thin aluminium poles vertical from the wheel arch to hold sails over the box as a temporary rack. I need to live with it for a few weeks, or at least through the autumn winds to work out how best to rack it, there are several ways I can do this to maximise the amount of kit it will take. 4 boards at a push but I never tend to take that many unless the forecast is 30knots once this year so far :(


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