Tuesday 13 August 2013

Camper and windsurf van conversion - final few bits....or so I thought

After the 5 days away last week I returned with a snagging list. These were little jobs such as remake the soft cupboard doors out of a better carpet. Trim the edge of the front seat where it caught the kitchen cupboard and add some trim round the ceiling edge to give a better finish.

These I completed but wish I had taken more time, I can see screws now which I was trying to avoid. Its not a huge problem but still something I will work on, perhaps with a few small bits of carpet glued onto them.

Today I set about the task of completing the cabinet above the sink. This was harder than I anticipated, and should have built the whole thing out of the van and fitted it as a unit. I built it round a certain sized clip-lock plastic box, which now sits in it perfectly with space for a few other bits. The base was the most difficult as I did not want to carpet this as it is above the stove. I opted to spray it with heat resistant BBQ paint, but again like when I made the table there was a wind that picked up just after I finished spraying so I am not completely happy with the finish. It will do until I find something better to use.

Another task on the list was to finish off the table, I needed to construct a leg. For the first time I got a bargain in B&Q, a table leg with a flat 2mm square fitting that should be screwed to the top. Instead of screwing it I used a 12mm piece of ply with 2 laminates chiselled off to slide the square section into. It works amazingly well and at a cost of £3.20 saved me buying the standard camper table fittings that cost £20-£30. Also the leg is smaller than those others available. 

This table will rarely be used but for transferring it to a camper on the registration document a table is a necessity. Also I do hope to take a few months away round Europe in a few years and it will be ideal for working on. At present it works as a kitchen cupboard door, rarely used as behind it are the noses of my windsurfing boards, but useful for storage and access to the water tank to refill it.
Also today I put up two temporary kit racks, just to hold sails above the wheel arch. After the trip away its clear this is the best option for camping as any bags put under the sink would otherwise rest on the tips of the sails - as you can see in the picture. I cannot put a shelf there as the hole is just big enough to get the water tank out in terms of height. Maybe a hinged shelf would work.....but thats a project for the future I think.

While away we stopped at a place called Trago Mills, where bargains are to be had and I only wish I had gone there to get most of the building materials I needed originally. I picked up a few neoprene tablet cases of various sizes. I have fitted a couple of these either side of the van near the rear speakers, which are perfect to hold my wallet, phone and keys when I get in bed. All I need to find now is a couple of decent glasses cases, one for the rear and one for the front.

Tomorrow just a few jobs to finish off the overhead cabinet then I can relax for a while......Oh and I need to flat back the overspray where the previous owner touched up some key chips and a scratch......and trim the remaining red paintwork near the windows.....and....and....does it never end?

Good speeds and winds
The Bus mk2

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