Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Camper van interior finished ready for first trip

Today I finished the seating at the front, the table and the the kitchen front. I also put up my really useful rail for holding the stand up paddleboard and kayak inside the van over the cab area.

I am not happy with the finish of the table, which folds up from the kitchen area shown in the picture. A gust of wind appeared just after I sprayed lacquer onto it, before then it was becoming a perfect finish.
I also was a bit lazy with the cupboard doors and made them out of doubled carpet rather than wood. They will work for this trip and took a fraction of the time to complete. Finallly I loaded kit into the van ready for a trip away, it ate up 2 boards, 2 booms, 4 sails, 3 masts, other bits for windsurfing, Sup paddle, Paddle board, 3 sleeping bags, 4 wetsuits, 2 body boards, 40l of water. There is still most of the cupboard area left for stuff and room for a couple more boards. The design has worked perfectly.
Sorry for such a short post, still need to pack to go away at 9am tomorrow.

Good speeds and winds.
The bus mk2

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