Saturday 25 August 2012

Quick Update

Sorry for such a long time since my last post, I have had a break for the summer. With lots of wind and the Olympics as a distraction when not on the water it has so far been a great summer. Living within a short walk of the Olympic sailing viewing area I was spoilt for things to do at the start of my summer holiday, with police jet skis to chase around the harbour when it was windy and racing to watch afterwards.

My best memory of the summer has to be the evening after Nick Dempsey got his silver medal. Most of the local windsurfers and a few others went out to celebrate with him, it was a real honour to be there and it was also good to see him relax after a long hard slog to achieve his dream. 

After my illness which ruined last summer this one has been great, with tons of exercise and sessions on the water at least every other day. It has been great to put it behind me finally and relax back into normal living rather than getting twitchy with every little chest pain, I accept now that it could happen again but there is no point in letting that ruin every day like I was doing for quite a while.

I have plans to write up some more articles on Speed surfing techniques, and lots of data to back up my findings. Since the big winds and personal bests I scored in June I have sailed a lot more consistently and with the amount of hours on the water I now know my kit really well. 

In a few weeks there is the National Windsurfing Festival held at Hayling Island Inn on the Beach. I will be there with Windsurfing 4 Cancer Research to help raise funds and help with the charity auction, Kat and I hope to see many of you there.

Hope you are all having a great summer too, and for those down under I guess you are looking forward to yours starting soon.

Good speeds and winds
The Bus

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