Sunday 1 April 2012

RS:X World Championship Entrants have some fun

First of all I must congratulate Nick Dempsey with his Silver and Julien Bontemps with Gold. Nick coming first in that sentence as he is a Weymouth and Portland local and can be seen training where I sail most days if he isn't competing or off with his growing family.

Congratulations also go to Bryony Shaw for her 4th place, Bryony grew up a couple of miles from where they will compete in the Olympics in a few months. Good luck to the pair of them this year and I hope you get the Gold medals at the Olympics here in Weymouth and Portland, it will make all the traffic jams over the past two years worthwhile ;-)

All information can be found here regarding the RS:X World Championship event in Cadiz, Spain, I think its amazing that they were even trying this with their huge boards and sails when we would be rigging up the speed kit. Some great wipeouts in the video.

Edit : 2nd April, Another video has come up online, even better....

Good Speeds and Winds
The Bus

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