Thursday 29 March 2012

No Wind

Sorry to all the readers who come here looking for something to read about our shared passion.

Above is why there is nothing to read other than a few rambles that are more personal than sharing news about windsurfing or speed sailing in general.  Currently we are basking in warm sunshine which obviously ends next week when I have time off work. The wind is not returning for at least another 10 days (please prove me wrong). At the moment the Jet Stream is avoiding the UK, going across the north and back down allowing a bit of wind over in The Netherlands. 

To top it all off at the moment the UK is panic buying fuel as the tanker drivers have announced a strike, although they have not yet set a date. The idiots in government told people to go and top up, so you can imagine the reaction. This means that there may be no fuel soon and nothing to get me to Hayling for the Slalom, and to pick up my remaining quiver of Hot Sails.

Good speed and winds to the rest of the world
The Bus

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