Sunday 25 March 2012

Sunrise Sunset entry is now live for 2012

Dear readers, as you may have noticed in the not too distant past I announced that I am now a trustee for Windsurfing 4 Cancer Research. Their flagship event, Sunrise Sunset was confirmed to take place on Sunday May 6th 2012, with it becoming tradition to do this on the bank holiday weekend. The team at W4CR are pleased to announce that the entry system is now up an running. Please click to take part.

This year there is a change, where a nominal charge of £5 is required to show commitment. This will pay for the administration, entry packs and running the event, which means every single penny raised will go towards the worthy cause.

Here is a link to my Just Giving site - I know many of you donated last year to my cause, and if it wasn't for all of that this site would not even exist. Everything I write on here is done out of my love for the sport, and with the intention of helping others build the same passion or simply regain their confidence to get back out on the water after serious illness. 

Please, if you are a regular reader either help me raise some money this time for Cancer Research, or join in yourself and spend a day on the water to raise money through your friends and family.

I hate that bit, asking for money, that's why I quit as a salesman years ago. Its done now and any help will be gratefully received.

Good speeds and winds
Lea 'The Bus' Spencer

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