Monday 29 August 2011

Portland Pirates Have a Shocker!

This is the worst months results I have seen since joining the team back in September 2010. It only seems like Normski and The Matrix got any time on the water at all with 11 sessions between them. The Matrix even went on holiday which as usual delivered the good wind from the right place with water in the harbour on Wednesday the 10th, this gave Camel a chance to get top points for the team at Portland, coupled with Jim Crossleys efforts from Langstone Harbour.

I do not know what has happened to the rest of the team, with a couple of others posting once and over half not posting at all. I have my excuses and hopefully am now fighting fit ready to start posting results again. Cap'n Swags will be preparing his motivating stick next month and there will be deck scrubbin galore for those non posters. With a finish at 23rd place for August it is just fortunate that this will count as a discard so does not yet affect our results for the year unless we have a few more shockers.

As for the rest of the country Team East finished just below us in 29th place. Mike G and Ben Tilston got top speeds for the team while Stephen Squirrell and Tris Haskins completed their distance. Most of their month had Steve Carter and Stephen Squirrell posting their longboard sessions, and in fairness it has been a longboard weather summer here this year. Last year was consistently windy in the second week of August through to the end of the month.

Up at West Kirby, the WK Speed Warriors only managed to get out on the water to get a score once in the month. Howie Rowson and Mark Hayford scored good speeds in what turned out to be an average West Kirby wind, however it was their other results that let them down with an hour average of 3.18 knots and a NM of 6.48knots. All other postings for WK Speed Warriors were only single man sessions so cannot count in the challenge.

This is not good enough England! Lets hope for some good autumn gales, the weather has certainly felt autumnal for the past few days down here in Weymouth.

Late edit - It appears Swagger managed to back The Matrix up yesterday with a bit of distance and a nautical mile in what was quite easily described as marginal wind, this moves the Pirates up to 22nd. A nautical mile on Portland Harbour is very tricky in low winds as the wind tends to be weak at either end, often its good to get out in the middle when it is like that, but then the worry is getting back to shore if the wind drops off. Great Effort ;-)

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