Thursday 16 June 2011

Nearly matched my donations now - 36nmi sailed, 739nmi total

Good session today, didnt think I had sailed so far. The wind was strange and there was not quite enough to keep the speeds up for over 10 seconds so just missed out on a 30knot 5x10sec average.

I went to get a nautical mile but was using a big fin at that time and there was a lot of chop. Chop with a big slalom fin was not nice. I changed down board size and used a speed fin meaning I would struggle back upwind so did not bother with any more mile runs. 

I did my best ever gybe, not dropping below 10knots according to GPS Results, really pleased with that.

36nmi sailed, 739mni total.........with a windy few days looming ahead. Hopefully I will get within throwing distance of the 1000nmi by the end of the month.

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