Sunday 19 June 2011

Great Day, hundreds of Windsurfers out. 55nmi Sailed, 795nmi total

The sunrise woke me at about 5am, so I rolled down the blind in the van and went back to sleep. I woke up with a jolt just over an hour later realising I wanted an early session and the van was rocking in the wind. First thing was to get the kettle on and the kit out. I rigged up 2 sails and 3 boards, ready for anything. Then realised the kettle was still boiling so made a coffee and got into my wetsuit.

I got onto the water and had a good hour blasting and clocking some miles up. Then I got my smaller board (Mistral SL95) and went faster than ever before, getting a top speed of 33.04 knots. Also my gybes were brilliant on the smaller board and I made my fastest alpha (500m with a gybe returning to within 50m of the start) at just under 20knots.

I thought I had made a 30knot 500m run but was not quite there with 29.99! At midday I decided to have a break as it was very busy with freestylers that do not understand the concept of right of way. The night before they were all telling me how they sailed at Portland all the time, I had never seen them before. By the end of the afternoon the water was all mine again so I went back out with the intention of having a 50nmi non stop session, and I was doing dry gybe and dry gybe. The runs were short though due to the and bar and trying to stay close to shore in the flatter water. The wind then swung about 20degrees to the north and died off for 20minutes. In that time I slogged to shore and got changed...........only for it to come back at about 22knots.

I called it a day, happy with a few personal bests and another 55nmi.

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