Monday 4 April 2011

We need more days like today - 3nmi sailed Saturday, 36nmi sailed today, 173nmi Total

After waiting all Saturday morning for the wind to pick up I went out with my biggest board and sail, but could not get going. I did a grand total of 3nautical miles. The same happened on Sunday, I went down in the morning but it was not quite enough, again late in the afternoon the wind was teasing but not giving quite enough.

Today was different though. A great session after work, initially out in the deep water chop due to the spring tides. Then as the tide rose I could tuck into the shoreline for some faster runs. Nothing spectacular but I did a lot of good gybes and am improving my technique, getting closer to coming out of them with a lot more speed. Total miles are now looking more respectable again. Tomorrow if there is enough wind I hope to get over 200!

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