Tuesday 5 April 2011

Another 30nmi today, 203nmi total

After yesterday I ached. All day I could not move too quickly and all the little muscles that only windsurfing exercises were telling me they had a good workout. The forecast was not too promising for a session after work, and the readings off the Portland Harbour wall were showing the wind dropping to frustrating conditions, where it is nearly enough to just get going.....

On arrival after work I saw my sailing mate change his mind, not bother rigging and going home. As soon as he left the rigging area the wind picked up. I rigged big and went on my biggest board with a huge fin. This was a bad decision which saw me having to walk through the shallows 200yds due to the spring low tide to change my board and fin. Then it was a good 2 hours of gybe practice and gust chasing. No special top speeds today but some really good after work sailing.

We are now moving into a prolonged period of high pressure which looks to be staying at least a week. I will get out on the paddleboard for fitness and if 10knots appears then some light wind sail flicky stuff as well.

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