Sunday 24 April 2011

Tushingham X15 7.6m first impressions

This is the replacement sail for my freeride North Xtype 7.8. When I got the Tushingham X15 7.0m I stopped using the Xtype and found that it would get me going in virtually the same wind strengths. So I chose to go for the X15 7.6m to complement it and go out in slightly less winds.

On initial rigging it shows a good profile and feels like it will be easy to pump onto the plane in light winds like the smaller model is. It rigged with the same settings as printed on the sail which is a rare thing. The luff is 495cm with a boom length of 211cm. I will be using it with a 460 Tushingham ultimate pro mast until I can afford the Speed Pro in that size for more overpowered sailing. If it is similar to the 7m then I would expect to still be holding it down in gusts up to 28/30knots but this is not really what I have bought it for.

My most used sail was my 7.8 due to the nature of conditions at Portland Harbour. This time of year the 'sea-breeze' usually starts, when the wind swings to the south west at midday it usually builds up to readings of 16-20knots on the harbour wall which equates to 12-15 at the shore. More often than not we get a good hour or so of stronger winds with marginal either side, I am hoping this will be the perfect sail for those conditions.

I cant wait to get it wet and let it 'bed' in, now where is the wind?

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