Thursday 28 April 2011

Good intentions gone to waste

Every morning this week I set my alarm for 520am, but today was the only day I managed to listen to it and get up. I checked the wind which was showing 20knots hitting Portland Harbour wall so I quickly made about 6 espressos in a flask, threw on my shirt and trousers for work and drove down there. This was the sight I had as I arrived.

I quickly rigged up my new Tushingham X15 speed sail and the Kode. The sail needs to get wet, it has been sat in a bag now since the start of its life the poor thing. It looks perfect when set and will be a great sail.

This is what happened next while I got changed into my wetsuit........ Look at the chart between 630am and 7am.

This has happened every time in the past fortnight now. This last 3 days back at work it has been windy while stuck at work though. Notice how the wind picked back up again as I went to work. I am willing to bet that tomorrow there will not be any wind in the morning like in the past 3 days, as it is the bank holiday and I have heard someone is getting married.

The forecast over the weekend keeps changing, there are a lot of windsurfers getting their hopes up. I am not convinced we will see this forecast though, the jet stream is too far south and feeding Tarifa and the Gibraltar Straight with brilliant winds at the moment. The high pressure here is making the day time temperatures currently hotter than the Sahara according the the news. Have a lovely long weekend everyone.

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