Saturday 9 April 2011

Frustrating morning

When I woke up at 6:30am I checked the wind readings at Portland Harbour, it was showing 18knots easterly. I rushed down there and rigged my big kit knowing how easterlies at the harbour can appear a lot stronger than they are. Some of it is due to a 3-5metre bank at the shore which makes the wind race up to the rigging area. 

I couldn't get the board going at all, came in and got out my paddle board. Usually with a big rig this will plane in very low winds but I could not even get this going. I did a few helitacks and sailed back to shore. After about half an hour the wind appeared to pick up a bit so I went out, again nothing on the water. Another half an hour later and I got planing for a few runs. I came in disheartened and de-rigged thinking the wind would drop. Came home and rinsed the wetsuit and packed away the kit for a few days due to nothing in the forecast.

I checked the wind hitting the harbour wall again and it had risen to 22knots! Damn. While I was there the average was 12-15 over the few hours. As I left it rose to a steady 18 and then hit 22 for half an hour. I could have got so many more miles in but have to settle with 8. Sportstracklive gives me 10, but I must discount 2 for all the standing around talking on the beach.

This puts me on 211 as a total. Forecasts for the next week keep changing, the GFS model was giving lots of wind later in the week when I checked yesterday but this morning it had vanished.There may be some later on Monday according the the jet stream flow.

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