Wednesday 30 March 2011

Wind 5 knots less than forecast

After 3 days of man flu I was worried I would not have the strength to get out today for the first wind since the start of March. I felt a lot better but not 100%, I had to get on the water so went after work. The wind dropped from around 20knots to about 10-12. I tried the demo isonic, and could not get it planing, so got the SUP out with a big sail. After a couple of runs the wind picked up and I went back on the isonic, finally it got moving albeit slowly. 2 long runs of the harbour and the wind dropped again. At least I got 10nautical miles in, taking my total up to 118.

There are good winds forecast tomorrow, hopefully the sea mist will not descend like it did today. It was an eerie feeling being out in the harbour and unable to see much more than 50yards. I should have a little more strength back as well. Hoping to get 30+nmi tomorrow.

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