Monday 21 March 2011

Thank you to all the people who have donated.

I feel like I hit a milestone today, with another donation taking me to two thirds of my target. I also just hit 5000 visits on this site with an average now of about 1500 per month. Cheers.

As for the distance sailed I am falling behind but this is not for want of trying, there is no wind, there is none forecast before the end of the month either! When it comes one day a fortnight like it has been doing then there isnt enough time of the water to keep my windsurfing fitness up. A good couple of two hour sessions are needed before I am in the condition needed for a long distance session, and no other exercise is good enough. I can keep my strength with floor exercises, I can keep my fitness with everyday activities, its the little muscles that only windsurfing uses that cannot be exercised.

I just hope we get a lot of wind through April in the Easter holidays.

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