Saturday 5 February 2011

Wind was not as strong as forecast - Total now 75nmi

The forecast was giving 35-50knots, it was barely mid 20 and I made the wrong sail choice. I got going but only once halfway along where the speedrun is. The first run was fine and I nearly hit 30knots, but the wind seemed less after that. I will try again tomorrow.

I completed 8nmi today making my total now 75nmi. Hopefully will get to 100 tomorrow.

The track here reads 9.3nm, but I am using the data of GPSResults which is a lot more accurate and discounts anything below 5knots.


  1. Hello Lea! Greetings from Croatia. I saw your interview on Erik Loots blog. Great idea. Wishing you all the best and much fun in your 1000nm windsurfing challenge. I made an article with links to your interview, blog and FB page on my windsurfing site

    All the best and good winds,

  2. Thanks Adrian, I will have a look


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