Wednesday 2 February 2011

Good session after some hard work 14nmi

This week at work we were having an inspection visit from the county council maths advisor. After a lot of preparation the result was......not yet found out. I rushed from work as soon as possible to the harbour. Once there the wind was clearly up and down, enough for 6.3 and small slalom board at one point, then 7.8 big board for a few minutes. I rigged in between, with my 7.0x15 and a Falcon105 with a 34cm fin.

Once out I shot upwind but the tide was still low meaning the downwind run was no good. I just went out for practice and clocking the miles up. I stayed dry for about 15 minutes, and once wet the water felt cold. Some shot up my leg, all the way, the initial pain was quite intense. 

I stayed out while the wind went up and down from around 15 - 23 knots. It came in wide channels allowing me to watch and bear off with each one, but at times they were few and far between. The results are quite nice for now on GPS Team Challenge, myself and Griff are leading the team for the month. The little icons below the name mean we are both leading for 2second, 5x10sec average, hour, alpha, nautical mile and total distance. We are of course the first two to post this month so I guess it doesnt count.

Total sailed today 14nmi, total distance so far 67nmi

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