Saturday 8 January 2011

Managed a session before the wind died. Total - 7nmi

I got up at 8.30 hoping to see the windy tree waving but alas no. There was wind but it was really on and off. After a quick coffee I rushed to the water, rigged a 7m x15 with my 112l Kode. This was not enough, I either needed a bigger sail or more volume for the board. The first run really showed this, and my 2 months without a good session, and my extra christmas padding. I was the first out on the water while a couple of my 'hardcore' team mates stood watching from the shelter of their vans, in the end though I think they made the better choice as the wind was rubbish.
The second run was much more fun and I got back into the swing of things, but then the wind dropped more and I was a mile out with no wind to waterstart, luckily I made the gybe and slogged back for 10mins. I caught a gust and got in to shore. That was enough, it was too cold to start changing sails and my bigger board was at home.
At least I am now making headway into the 1000nmi, with a total of 7! Thats 0.7%, at this rate I will need 250sessions to get it complete, here's hoping for a decent south westerly wind, or even westerly before the end of January so I can get near my goal of 50nmi for the month.

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