Sunday 10 October 2010

When things don't go as planned

Second time this week where I have judged the conditions incorrectly, or maybe I am being too hard on myself. The conditions kept changing today. I rigged light wind wave kit, and the wind dropped. Pete warned it would and that I would need a bigger board, I should have listened to the guru of Portland Harbour.
I came in and rigged up my speed kit but the tide was low as I set off out. It was just confused chop, I tried to look ahead as Pete told me to, I found a few runs between the waves but all the other people out meant that even these were full of chop. The wind dropped again so I called it a day and came in to shore.
Hopefully I will get my replacement boom this week after sending the last one back as it was too small. It fitted the sails but they needed a long extension and this gave too much flex. I cant afford a carbon one this time around, maybe next time.

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