Friday 8 October 2010

One of those sessions where the sail size was never right.

Most of the time I rig correctly, unless the wind changes I seem to get it right. Not today. The wind did not appear as strong as it was. I rigged the 7.0 x15 speed sail and my Kode 112l, then got blown out of the water. I found the slalom stance not too good for overpowered sailing in waist to chest high swell, the power in the sail made me take off but the back foot pressure meant the landings were not pretty.

I went back to shore and got the 6.5 out and the bigger wave board, then took the 6.5 back to the van and got the 5.5 out. With this I felt a lot more in control, and made 2 dry gybes in the chop so was happy. I am getting better at jumping as well, choosing the vertical ramps rather than trying to jump off the swell got me a lot more height. If I span out when landing it took a fraction of a second to correct.

Not much distance over the past two sessions either but totally different conditions so not too worried. More of the same tomorrow.

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