Monday 11 October 2010

Last of the easterlies

Today I had another frustrating rigging session. I fixed the bracket on the car door that snapped when the wind caught it and it flew open, it wouldnt close without removing the snapped metal rod. It was windy, I rigged a 5.5 and waveboard, walked out and felt the wind drop, I had 2 runs before I decided to put up a bigger sail, gybed into the shore, grounded the fin and hit my already broken toe on the mastfoot.

I hobbled up the rocks and rerigged a bigger sail. Back in the sea the wind dropped a bit more so I gave up.

Before and after shots of the toe break that I found on the film of the day.

Now I am looking forward to the return of the south westerly winds, with speedweek in a few days I think I will have to wait until that is over before we are graced with good winds.

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